​​​​Clayton "Doc" Rutledge is ​the Founder of the Honda ES Bolt On Shifters, and he openly welcomes you to avoid getting stranded on your Honda ATV!

Doc came upon the idea for his Bolt On Shifters when a customer approached him in the need of help with his electronic shift issues. Tired of hundreds of dollars going to waste, he asked Doc to find a solution. After careful consideration and multiple prototypes, Doc developed his patented Bolt On shifter. Influenced by the customer's satisfaction, Doc decided to offer his Shifters to the public, and the Honda ES Bolt On Shifters were born! Today's shifters still use Doc's original design.

Doc has been featured in sixteen different Honda ATV magazines over the years for his unique troubleshooting skills and solutions, to include the usage of Woodruff Keys in Honda's designs. He's been a Honda technician for over 35 years and is still as passionate about his work today as he was when he started.

We at Honda ES Shift Master stand behind the quality of our Shifters. We strive to provide them at a reasonable price with quick turnaround. If at any time you have a question or concern about an order, please let us know!